Want to save a turtle or two?

We are a garbage society. Buy something, use it, upgrade or replace, and toss it. In 2009 it was reported that the US consumes 1500 plastic bottles PER SECOND. MY.F’N. GOD. Have you ever thought about where that stuff goes? If you toss your plastic bottle in the recycling bin, turns out you aren’t doing enough. Most plastic ends up in landfills and the oceans. An estimated 100 million tons of plastic debris is chillin out in the water. I’m sure marine life is enjoying that.

sea-plastic1 turtle-caught-in-plastic-ring

With those lovely pictures in mind, I’d like to share a few super duper eco-friendly products I’ve discovered.

Brush with Bamboo. I was blown away when I met this family. They were so kind and enthusiastic that I will happily purchase their products. I love supporting small businesses when I can. The Kumars believe so strongly in sustainable living that they even converted their tract home into an organic farm that grows 5000 lbs of food annually and harvests rainwater! Talk about walking the talk!! The brushes are biodegradable, BPA free and so sustainable that the bamboo used was never treated with fertilizers or pesticides! I love my brush and I love them. In fact, I want them to adopt me and as their adult child.


Green Toys– We know that the best way to combat climate change is to go vegan, but what about the folks who won’t do that? Someone has to clean up their mess. That leaves Green Toys! They take recycled milk jugs and make super rad toys out of them! I first saw these toys on a trip to Whole Foods, where I shop once every two weeks, but you can swoop ’em up at Target and even Walmart! My boy has the fire engine and boat and they are super cute, super affordable ($15 ish) and so sturdy that even Zeke the Destroyer doesn’t stand a chance.


ECOlunchbox– If you have a baby, you have snacks with you at all times. If you have a preschooler, you have snacks with you at all times. If you are an over-eater, you have snacks with you at all times. Instead of using a new plastic baggy to hold your cookies baby carrots every time you leave the house, invest in one of these bad boyz. Stainless steel, non toxic and unbreakable, ECOlunchbox has a variety of products that are super easy to clean, eco-friendly (duh) and many of them have separate compartments for different food because, GOD FORBID YOU LET ANYTHING TOUCH. I’m serious. Kids freak out about that. Anyway, check ’em and be a metal heads like us.


Doing a quick Google search will bring up tons of eco-friendly products for you, the kid, the house, you name it. Of course, no one is perfect and we can only do so much, but let’s start by attempting to get rid of plastic from our lives. It’s pretty gross and once you buy, we all own it FOREVER.

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