Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

Dear Mom,

Like so many moms, you did the job of both parents. You are the one who bought toothpaste, toilet paper, and school supplies. You arranged for play dates, hosted slumber parties, baked every birthday cake I ever had, packed my lunch for school (and included funny drawings and love letters), filled out countless emergency contact forms, woke me up every morning and tucked me in every night.  You knew my teachers and yes, sometimes my principals. You chaperoned my field trips, did my laundry, took me to get my driver’s license and made certain every Christmas was above and beyond what I could imagine.

And now, although I am 43 years old, you are still the one who asks if I am due for an oil change, bakes me cookies and financially supports me when I need it.

I have so many things going on in my life and I know you worry about me, but you don’t need to.  With you as my role model I know I can do anything and everything.

Thank you for being my parents.

Happy Father’s Day.


Tiffy Buns

with mom



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