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Single mama, no baby-daddy drama. Vegan. Prince is my personal Jesus. I love all things funk, metal and punk. Oh, and animals :)

A Petting Zoo Comes to My Son’s School??

Why do we work so hard to end a child’s innate compassion? Kids aren’t born wanting to eat animals, wear fur, watch donkey basketball games, and see dolphins do stupid tricks. We teach them that those things are okay, necessary even. … Continue reading

5 reasons why vegans make great parents

Parenting is no joke. My mind never rests from the fear that I am not doing a good enough job, like EVER. I’ll go from believing that if there is a hole in one of Zeke’s socks and people will … Continue reading

4 year Old Boy Meets Vegan NFL Player: GAME ON!

Zeke is so excited that he doesn’t eat animals. He loves to tell everyone, “I’m a vegetarian” whether the conversation has anything to do with what he eats or not. For the record, he is 99% vegan with me and … Continue reading